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Umbrella Insurance to Cover Health Business Security Breaches

SouthCoast Health Internet and Phone Services Down

In July 2023, SouthCoast Health experienced a notable interruption in their phone and Internet services that lasted for a considerable two weeks. This unfortunate occurrence led to considerable frustration among customers. Booking appointments became a cumbersome task, and to add to the dissatisfaction, many scheduled appointments had to be canceled.

Potential for Data Breach

Apropos of disasters, news of a data breach surfaced a month following the service interruption. No business or individual likes such a circumstance, as was evident from the tense atmosphere surrounding the Savannah area, a mere 25 minutes away from one of the SouthCoast Health locations in Pooler, GA.

Cyberattack at Community Health Services

Within the same year, a blow to their reputation appeared to come in the form of an attack by Russian cyber criminals on the Department of Community Health Services. Although the Community Health Services are located further from Pooler, the effects were no less real. The infection spread to multiple U.S. agencies, bringing home the reality of what cybercrime can affect.

The Demand for Effective Protection

In light of such incidents, it is abundantly clear that no level of protection is excessive when preventing concurrent and future security breaches. This is fundamentally important, especially with patient lives and data at potential risk. At Covenant Insurance, we extend our hand and our services, urging businesses and individuals to put in place foolproof safeguards to prevent company hackers from taking advantage of any vulnerabilities.

Reputation and Cyberattack

Your reputation stands as a testament to your professionalism and reliability and is, therefore, a key factor in drawing in and retaining customers. However, the possibility remains that reputation could take a nosedive following a publicized breach. Thus, it is vital to stay on guard and prioritize data protection.

Beyond Financial Hardship

When a breach affects more than just financial standing, the consequent events can lead to unpleasant outcomes, such as lawsuits filed by distressed parties. Under normal circumstances, business liability insurance may not aid in recovering all costs related to a major healthcare privacy violation. This is where the highest umbrella insurance level comes in, offering a financial cushion and much-needed peace of mind during such crises.

Business Umbrella Insurance

Having business umbrella insurance is not just advisable but necessary, especially in a healthcare field with high demands for data security. The coverage is meant to mirror your asset value as closely as possible without overlooking related legal costs. Contact Covenant Insurance in Pooler, GA, today, and we will guide you through the necessary steps to safeguard your company from unforeseen cyberattacks.

Three Ways That Condo Insurance Protects You

When you own a condo, you’ve made a big investment in your property. It’s important to protect that investment with condo insurance. Your condo board and your lender will both require you to have it. But even if neither does, you need this protection and the many types of coverage that come with these policies. When you need condo insurance, give us a call at Covenant Insurance in Pooler, GA. 

Dwelling Protection

The condo is a significant investment and must be covered against damaging events. When a covered event happens, and your condo is damaged, you need this coverage to pay for the necessary repairs. Without this coverage, you might be unable to afford all the required repairs after a disaster, accident, etc. No condo owner should be without this coverage for even a day. 

Liability Protection

This coverage comes with your condo policy to protect you against the high cost of accidents that could happen in your home. You could be liable for the cost if a visitor gets injured while in your home. Condo insurance will pay those medical bills and certain other costs, so you won’t have the financial devastation of paying them yourself. 

Possession Protection

Your most significant investment is next to your home, maybe the things inside it. These possessions need to be protected just like your home. Protection for all your belongings in the condo is included in condo insurance. It’s important to have this coverage in case a damaging incident causes your possessions to be destroyed. 

Get Condo Insurance 

When buying a condo, you can come to us for your condo policy. Call us at Covenant Insurance in Pooler, GA. 

Three Common Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

How to Avoid Denials of Life Insurance Claims

No one wants to experience the disappointment of having a life insurance claim denied. Unfortunately, this distressing situation befalls beneficiaries worldwide every year. Life insurance policies, when well-managed, can be a financial lifesaver following the loss of a loved one. Here at Covenant Insurance, Pooler, GA, we care about you, which is why we want to help you avoid such disappointment. Below are the most common reasons life insurance policies are denied and tips to ensure your policy pays out according to plan.

1. Violations within the Contestability Period

Numerous insurance policies feature a two-year contestability period. During this span, the insurer can contest the claim for just about any valid reason. For example, if an applicant provided inaccurate information during application and unfortunately dies within this period, the claim may be denied. Therefore, honesty and accuracy during application procedures are vital, even if the death was unrelated to the shared information.

2. Uncovered Cause of Death

Life insurance policies often come with some exclusions. These typically include the cause of death. If the policyholder dies while engaging in high-risk activities like SCUBA diving, skydiving, or the like, the claim may be denied. Frequently, such exclusions are limited to death by suicide. At Covenant Insurance, Pooler, GA, we can help you understand the necessary exclusions related to your policy.

3. Unpaid Premiums

Another typical reason for claim denial is the non-payment of premiums. If the policyholder dies with overdue premiums, the insurance company is likely to deny the claim. Consequently, it is essential to maintain punctual payment of your policy premiums.

Avoid Life Insurance Claim Denial

If you have questions about your life insurance policy or need assistance purchasing one, we at Covenant Insurance, Pooler, GA, are here for you.

Insurance is Part of Every Rider’s Safety Checklist

It doesn’t matter if it is across the street or across the state, motorcyclists can never be too safe. That means, from safety gear to motorcycle insurance, nobody should ride without taking the necessary precautions, no matter how long or short the trip. When it comes to motorcycle insurance, bikers can count on Pooler, GA riders riding with the expert agents at Covenant Insurance.

For Extra Protection Your Two Wheels 

Yes, motorcycles embody the idea and feeling of freedom, but they also pose risks that are unique to those on two wheels. That is also one more reason why everyone who rides a motorcycle should include insurance as part of their safety checklist. 

Insurance is Part of Every Riders Safety Checklist

Motorcycles are less visible, offer less protection than their roadway counterparts, and have less room for error. Helmets, sunglasses or visors, good footwear, and other safety items are designed to help protect riders, and so is motorcycle insurance. 

So, when you get ready to start your adventure, be sure to check off your safety checklist, including motorcycle insurance. Don’t take chances with your bike or your health, and get the insurance solutions you deserve from your local agents at Covenant Insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance for You and Your Ride

If you live in or around the Pooler, GA area and ride a motorcycle, then include our team at Covenant Insurance as a part of your safety checklist. Contact us today and ride with all the protection you need for your bike and your ride.

Using Commercial Insurance in the Foundation of Your Startup Business Plan

When you’re in the planning stages of starting a business, there are a lot of future concerns to consider. One of those is contingencies, your backup in case things don’t go exactly as planned. You might set aside some of your funding as a resource to call on if needed. Perhaps a shipment is delayed, there’s a vehicle accident or a key person on your team is unable to work for a while. At Covenant Insurance, we can help your company in Pooler, GA cope with the unexpected by adding commercial insurance to your business plan, freeing up more of your capital for the exciting work at hand.

Add Risk-Experienced Professionals to Your Team

To help you manage risks as your business is getting off the ground, insurance provides a double benefit because it draws in experts in managing risk. They can help you get the most out of your commercial insurance coverage and give your company a boost with expertise you’ll appreciate. Instead of worrying, you can get help preparing your expectations for variables in your business future, up to and including the weather.

Consultations Even Before You Open Your Doors

Placing the details of your insurance coverage in your business plan helps provide a solid foundation that reduces the "what ifs" that you consider unknowns, giving you a more solid feeling about the future. Your Pooler, GA business’ future is supported by carefully selected coverage and planning that helps you adjust the coverage in the future in response to your growth and success. Stay connected with insurance and risk experts who have helped many other companies to wisely use coverage as they start up and grow. Just give us a call at Covenant Insurance today, and see how!

Does Your Boat Policy Cover Water Towing Services?

Boat owners in Pooler, GA and the surrounding communities can rely on the team at Covenant Insurance to help them protect their boats. Owning a boat is a great way to spend time with friends and family, but it also requires appropriate insurance protection. Our team can help you find a policy that includes features that will help you enjoy your time on the water even more.

Boat Towing Services Could be Covered by Your Comprehensive Policy

If you’ve ever been stranded out at sea, you already understand how important water towing services are. If you opt for a comprehensive boat policy, this is a service that could be covered by your policy. Additionally, a comprehensive policy can also offer additional liability protection that can provide coverage when your boat is involved in a mishap that causes property loss or injury. This type of policy allows you to enjoy time spent on your boat without having to worry about personal liability if you’re involved in an accident.

Your local insurance agent can review your needs with you and present the policy options that you can choose from to meet them. Having the right policy in place allows you to enjoy your boat responsibly while protecting your personal financial interests. 

We’re here for you!

Covenant Insurance is proud to serve the greater Pooler, GA area and help our community obtain the insurance protection they need. If you’re thinking of buying a boat, or want to upgrade your current boat policy, give us a call today. We’re here to help you find the right insurance to protect your vessel. Call or stop by today!

Auto Insurance – Because Accidents Happen

Auto insurance is more than a legality, and for drivers in and around places like Pooler, GA it is also the smart way to protect you, your vehicle, and others. Today, even the smallest accident, dent, or ding can cost a considerable amount to repair, and let’s face it, accidents happen. That is also why Georgia drivers turn to the professionals at Covenant Insurance for all their auto insurance needs.

It doesn’t matter how safe a driver you are or how good of a driver you are because there are a countless number of accidents every year that are unavoidable. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there is an average of 300,000 to 400,000 auto accidents every year in the Peach State. 

For cautious, proactive, and smart drivers, that is also a few hundred thousand reasons why getting the right coverage matters. When it comes to accidents, we can only do so much. The good news, however, is that we can all be better prepared if we ever have to contend with the headaches, hassles, and expenses accidents can cause.

We Are Here To Help

A fallen tree limb, hail storm, or any one of the other thousands of Pooler, GA drivers are all examples of potential risks. We can’t ever plan for all the possible damages from a storm or downed tree, and not everyone on the road is a good or safe driver. That is why smart drivers protect themselves and their vehicles with auto insurance.

If you are in the market for auto insurance or if you are shopping for policies, we invite you to visit the professional and friendly team at Covenant Insurance. Contact us to learn more or to get the coverage you deserve-  because accidents happen.

Why You May Need Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance gives you extra coverage on top of some of the insurance policies you already have. It works with auto and home insurance policies, increasing the amount of coverage that they give you. When you have home and auto insurance and want to be better covered, umbrella insurance may be the best choice for you. It’s a cost-effective type of insurance that comes with an enormous amount of coverage. When you’re interested in this insurance type, give us a call at Covenant Insurance in Pooler, GA.

More Liability Coverage

Your auto and home insurance policies each come with different coverage types, and one of these is your coverage against liability. These policies often have a small amount of this coverage, and this can leave you vulnerable. If you were to have a serious accident in which one or more people were injured, these policies may not have enough liability coverage to cover it all. However, getting umbrella insurance changes that. It gives you more liability coverage for both of these policies. Getting umbrella insurance costs far less than directly adding coverage to your home and auto policies. 

How the Coverage Works

If there’s been a serious accident with your vehicle or on your property and someone is injured, your home or auto policy will be enacted. This policy will pay as much as it can toward the medical bills and other costs associated with the accident. If there are bills left over to pay, that’s where your umbrella policy comes in. It pays those overages and protects you against what could be severe financial damage. With their very high maximums, these policies can pay for even very serious accidents. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

When you’re looking for better protection against liability, call us at Covenant Insurance in Pooler, GA to find out more. 

Flood Insurance and Sustainable Building Practices: Promoting Resilient Construction

Flood insurance in the Pooler, GA area has taken on a new dimension in recent years, not just as a safety net against financial losses but as a catalyst for promoting sustainable and flood-resistant building practices. While climate change increases the risk of flooding, property owners increasingly seek to combine adequate flood insurance coverage with resilient construction methods.

Building Resilience Through Design Features

Flood insurance incentivizes property owners to integrate resilient design features. These features encompass elevating structures above potential flood levels, using flood-resistant building materials, and creating natural buffers to divert floodwaters. Property owners mitigate their exposure to flood-related losses and contribute to more environmentally conscious and adaptive communities.

Flood-Resistant Materials: A Cornerstone of Resilient Construction

Flood-resistant building materials, such as flood-resistant drywall, moisture-resistant insulation, and corrosion-resistant hardware, offer enhanced protection against water-related damage and mold growth. By incorporating these materials, property owners reduce repair costs in the aftermath of a flood and ensure the longevity and integrity of their structures.

Insurance Premium Reductions: Incentives for Sustainable Choices

Insurance providers recognize that properties built to withstand flooding are inherently less risky, resulting in lower potential claims. As a result, property owners who invest in resilient construction measures often enjoy cost savings through reduced insurance premiums over time.

Community-Level Impact: Resilience as a Shared Responsibility

Promoting resilient building practices goes beyond individual property owners; it contributes to the overall resilience of entire communities. As more properties are fortified against floods, the collective impact is reducing flood-related damage, minimizing disruptions, and increasing community preparedness. Insurance companies acknowledge and reward these communal efforts through lower premiums.

Covenant Insurance Can Help You

At Covenant Insurance, we can answer all your questions concerning flood insurance. We assist the Pooler, GA region. Contact us today.

Tips for Securing a Condo When Leaving for Summer

It is essential to secure your condo before leaving for a short or extended time – like summer, as this helps to minimize potential risks to the property in your absence. If you live or work in and around Pooler, GA, the insurance professionals at Covenant Insurance offer this important guidance for securing your condominium before you leave. 

Safety Tips for Securing a Condo

In addition to arranging for a mail hold/forward and shutting down the condo’s water supply, consider these important suggestions:

Lock All Doors & Windows.

Double-check that all windows (including sliders) and doors are securely locked. Consider installing deadbolts.

Inform Neighbors or Building Management.

Let a trusted friend, neighbor, or managerial staff at the condo know of your absence. Give them your contact info and ask them to report suspicious activities or emergencies.

Consider a Security System.

If your condo doesn’t already have a security system (alarms, cameras, motion sensors), installing one may be beneficial as they are more effective and affordable than ever.

Set Timers for Lights & Electronics.

Create the illusion that someone is home by setting light and other electronic timers at different times.

Unplug Unnecessary Appliances.

To save energy (and prevent unnecessary risk,) unplug non-essential appliances, i.e., TVs, computers, etc.

Adjust Thermostat Settings

Set the thermostat to a higher temperature to save money.

And don’t advertise your absence on social media until you return home and remember to comply with specific condo regulations regarding security and a temporary absence.

Reach Out To Us

If you live in the greater Pooler, GA area and would like additional information on how condo insurance can protect you, your belongings, and your investment, contact us at Covenant Insurance.