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What Does a Home Insurance Policy Not Cover?

There are many reasons you might consider buying a home insurance policy. Maybe you’ve just bought your first home, or you own an investment property. Perhaps you worry about your family’s safety and/or your belongings. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to buy a policy, it’s important that you understand what a standard home insurance policy does not cover. Covenant Insurance offers the following guide.

What Does a Home Insurance Policy Not Cover?

1. Flooding

This is one of the most common risks in many parts of the country, but it isn’t typically covered under standard homeowners policies. You’ll need to purchase flood insurance separately if you live in high-risk areas or have been told by your mortgage lender that your house is located within a flood zone.

2. Artwork

If you’re an avid collector of valuable art, your standard policy probably won’t cover the cost of replacing or repairing any pieces that are damaged or go missing. You’ll need to purchase special coverage for high-value items like this.

3. Identity Theft Protection

If someone steals your personal information and uses it to open credit cards in your name, for example, your home insurance policy won’t help you recover the money that’s been stolen. You’ll need to purchase a separate policy to cover this type of loss.

4. Earthquakes

Standard homeowner’s policies do not cover damage caused by earthquakes. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, you’ll need to purchase earthquake insurance separately.

5. War

If your home is damaged or destroyed during a war, your standard homeowners policy won’t cover the cost of repairs or replacement. You’ll need to purchase a separate policy to protect yourself from this type of loss.

Need Insurance in Pooler, GA?

As you can see, there are many things that standard homeowners’ policies do not cover. It’s important to be aware of these things before you buy a policy to be sure you’re getting the coverage you need. Talk to a Covenant Insurance agent in Pooler, GA, to learn more about the specific coverage available to you.



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